Welcome to URCA!

Join us in shaping the future of User Research in the Second Edition

URCA! is the Italian conference and set of workshops meant to gather ideas, experiences and stories from the User Research world, organized by UNGUESS and now in its second edition.

Imagine a future where tech, digital and business solutions represent a seamless experience, enhanced by testers, users and customers themselves. Can you see it?

Then URCA! is the place for you. We are bringing together the brightest minds of the UX world to inspire and empower anyone who is willing to be a part of this challenge.

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30-31 May 2024
MONTE ROSA 91 - Milan, Italy
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What we will discuss at URCA!

Methodologies icon

How methodologies evolve, what are the directions to follow, how the methodologies interact with the context.

Case Studies

Where and how the impact of research the impact of research has contributed to the success of projects or products.

Innovation and New Technologies

How new technologies can integrate into processes and methodologies to improve all aspects of research.

Research & Design Maturity

How to contribute to the growth of the design culture (and the role of research) within companies.

Our Hosts

Alessandro Caliandro
head of ux @ unguess
Laura Villa
senior marketing manager @ unguess


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The Agenda

One day industry experts will tell us their experience or thought.
On the other day workshops and activities will allow us to get our hands dirty.
Conference and workshops will be held in italian.

In the two days of URCA! you can:
- Feel at home among people who share your same interest
- Get inspired by the brightest minds in the UX world
- Learn the most innovative User Research and User Testing methodologies
- Compare yourself with the juiciest and most impactful case studies
- Challenge yourself with hands-on activities and challenging workshops


The event will be held face-to-face in the city of Milan at the MONTE ROSA 91.
Office and spaces complex surrounded by greenery.
A new vision of work life balance between City Life and San Siro.

via Monte Rosa 91, Milan - Italy

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See you there!

MONTE ROSA 91, Milan Italy

May 30/31, 2024

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